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Bowflex Ultimate 2 Coupon Code & Promo Discount 2014

Promo Bowflex Ultimate 2 Coupon CodeSale On Bowflex Ultimate 2 Best Price

Sale On Bowflex Ultimate 2 Coupon Code – Update New Promo Code 2014

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Product FeaturesCheap Bowflex Ultimate 2 Discount Code

  • More than 95 exercises via 310 pounds of Power Rods, upgradeable to 410 pounds
  • Measures 46 by 82 by 92 inches (W x H x D), and 44 by 46 inches (W x D) folded
  • Minimum 92-inch ceiling height for assembly, and 78-by-112-inch (W x D) workout space
  • 407-pound machine weight
  • 300-pound maximum user weight
  • Includes instructional workout DVD

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Cheap Bowflex Ultimate 2 Promo Code 2014


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