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Omega 8006 Coupon Code – Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Discount 2014

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New Innovation SpecsPromo Omega 8006 COupon Code

  • Low speed, masticating style juicing system
  • Omega’s Nutrition Center does more than just juice. You can turn nuts into nut butters (an all-natural peanut butter), make baby food from natural, fresh ingredients, whip up soy milk, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, and mince herbs and garlic.
  • Includes a GE Ultem Auger which is 8x stronger than most other plastics.
  • Powerful gear reduction is equivalent to a 2HP Motor.
  • Juicer processes at 80rpm’s. Low speed or masticating style juicer squeezes, instead of grinding, which allows the juice to maintain its pure color, natural taste, vitamins and nutrients.
  • Dual stage juicer. First, juice is extracted by crushing the fruit or vegetable. Then, before the pulp is ejected, the pulp is squeezed during the second pressed stage. This results in a higher yield of juice and a very dry pulp.
  • Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens such as spinach and kale, even wheatgrass.
  • Economical. Since the juicer is so efficient and productive, you’ll get the greatest amount of juice from the least amount of produce.
  • The low speed system does not mean a longer time to juice. It means a more efficient juicer. More nutrients and antioxidants, plus better flavored juice and freshness.
  • Engineered for quiet operation and longer life.
  • The low speed system limits froth and foam preventing oxidation.
  • Juice can be stored for up to 72 hours without degradation or the juice separation that occurs with other juicers.

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